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Counselling & Psychotherapy. hope

Psychotherapy and Counselling can be helpful to ease problems caused by psychological and spiritual pain. It offers a safe and confidential space to explore and reflect on the immediate situation and to make links with what has been experienced in the past.

The difference between counselling and psychotherapy is debateable, but most agree that counselling deals with more immediate problems for a shorter time, while psychotherapy explores more deeply and may take longer. Psychotherapy is also a way to release deeply hidden blocks to gain a new sense of meaning to living. And not least, they both offer the light of hope.

An initial meeting lasts for one hour, in which a history is taken and both client and therapist establish a relationship. If it is appropriate, we agree a plan to go forward with an agreed number of sessions, a regular appointment at the same time each week, and with reviews at regular intervals.

How I work:
My own experience of change through the work of psychotherapy - and of continuing that extraordinary process of self-discovery - means that I know that this really can work. A new freedom, joy and creativity in living and a sense of connection with others is gained. You don't have to settle for just surviving.

I cover a wide range of issues including life crisis, relationship, tackling mental blocks, and personal development. I provide a confidential safe space for you, and know that it's our relationship itself as much as anything else in the mix, that will help you. You will have time to understand your experiences, establish a framework to gain perspective and a range of skills to help. I work compassionately with your own experiences and help you to integrate them.

I take a transpersonal approach to psychotherapy and counselling, which means that I hold a view of myself and others as being more than purely determined by biology, chemistry and mechanics. My approach also integrates the work of the major different theories, as all have a contribution to make.

I do not impose a ‘fix it’ agenda. However I know that change can happen and this provides a transformative momentum – how you experience that is very subjective – there are no tick boxes or measuring scales. I hold regular reviews with you to consider the ground covered and to plan forward.

"Aubyn has great intuition, she has a gift for seeing what makes practical sense, and somehow knows how to draw out the strength in her clients, so that they have the courage to do what's needed."

I am offering counselling and psychotherapy in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. Therapy for depression,relationship difficulties and other issues for people in the East Midlands including Oakham, Leicester, `Northampton, Kettering and Corby. .

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